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On 14 August 2010 10:22, treah blade <treah.blade at> wrote:

> Actually I did a full out linuxquestions search and a full google search

 Did you search the linuxfromscratch site ?

>  I think part of the problem here is that the build system is just terrible and does not give you a really good idea on what is failing or that there was even a problem. I am accustom to make scripts telling me that there was a failure at the end of the copile process instead of looking like they compleated alright. I had to scroll up after being perplexed as to why I couldent find the binary after a make install.
> This of course is not any of your guys problem but rather a problem with the developer of cdrtools. I really hope in the future someone will write something better and GPL, wishfull thinking I suppose.
> --
 I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on the build
 system - it didn't used to work on any platform that the
creator didn't have (at that time, x86_64 and I think ppc).
The thing is, cdrtools _used_ to be GPL.  There is a fork of
the last GPL version which I use : dvdrtools.  I'm using 0.3.1,
but a quick look suggests finding the source is hard, but it
looks as if debian have it in "non free" (!?!?)

 The upstream appears to be defunct - distros have moved
on to cdrkit, I believe - last time I looked, that used cmake
to configure it so I've given it a wide berth..

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