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> For future reference, please search support list first. ;-) 

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"For future reference, please search support list first. ;-) "  

Actually I did a full out linuxquestions search and a full google search and could not come up with anyhing that resemled a solution to this problem or any problems with people having build issues. Btw I am not sure what patch you are refering to since there is no such patch included with this package in the blfs book, only patches that reslove problems with unicode and the like. I was reluctant to use the newer version as it is CDDL and not GPL software thus it would limit my ability to redistribute the binaries in any way shape or form.  I think part of the problem here is that the build system is just terrible and does not give you a really good idea on what is failing or that there was even a problem. I am accustom to make scripts telling me that there was a failure at the end of the copile process instead of looking like they compleated alright. I had to scroll up after being perplexed as to why I couldent find the binary after a make install. 

This of course is not any of your guys problem but rather a problem with the developer of cdrtools. I really hope in the future someone will write something better and GPL, wishfull thinking I suppose. 

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