Matching BLFS with LFS (was: How can I contribute?)

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Aug 1 08:17:53 PDT 2010

Vinay Pawar wrote:
> So, when you spot a new LFS stable release and are done building it, one would expect there to be a reasonably updated BLFS too. The current LFS-6.6 has a good mix of glibc/gcc/kernel/etc but finding a good BLFS isn't always easy. 

Your expectations are a bit high. :-)

There simply is not enough development going on with BLFS right
now to *expect* it to match the current stable LFS. However, with
that said, it is almost *always* best to use the most recent
development BLFS with the most current stable LFS as well as the
current development LFS.


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