XZ-Utils 4.999.9beta

dean talbot lists at dtxs.co.uk
Wed Sep 30 14:40:03 PDT 2009

Guy Dalziel <krendoshazin at dementedfury.org> wrote:

> ...The only package we know to use it is tar, and I can probably bet
> that it picks it up during configure without any extra commands...

Tar has no build-time dependency on it at all - you can build xz-utils
afterwards if you wish, and a new enough, pre-existing tar will start
picking it up and allowing the -J switch to utilise it.

At present, not only tar, but also file and texinfo support XZ; Man-DB
doesn't, but i've recently hacked version-2.5.6 to add XZ-support, and
although it worked fine, the compression was inferior to Bzip2 anyway,
so i won't be using it on text-documents...

...It is, however, markedly better on object-files, based on my
experiments with package-management.

What could be a show-stopper, though, is the fact that the
XZ-definitions were only added to shared-mime-info's CVS-repo in April
and haven't been in an official release yet - so unless you want to
patch that package or build it from CVS, things like GUI file-managers
won't know what the hell they're looking at, let alone how to deal with

...Which they're unlikely to be able to do anyway, because the GUI
archivers i've looked at don't use shared-mime-info, they instead need
to be patched to support this 'fledgling' file-type directly.

I'm gonna keep on playing with it, purely for it's PM advantages, but
i'll have to do a fair amount of hacking for the experience to be as
comfortable as it is for the established formats.


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