Sudo example configuration

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Tue Sep 29 20:46:23 PDT 2009

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Anybody have any objection to providing a sudoers group and adding more 
> secure/common example to the sudoers file?  Something to the effect of...
> groupadd -g <##> sudoers &&
> echo -e "%sudoers\tALL=(ALL)\tALL" >> /etc/sudoers &&
> usermod -a -G sudoers <your user name>
> ...instead of the current admin user with no password example?

I really don't have an objection, but what we have now is just as easy.  The 
superuser just needs to run visudo and add a name to the ADMIN user alias.
Is that really any harder than adding a user to a group.

I don't like tabs in configuration files (or source code).

The (ALL) really doesn't apply to many users any more.  I'm not even sure how 
I'd use sudo to run something on another host.

The sudoers file can be very complex or very easy (like the current example). 
I'd prefer to leave it as it is.

   -- Bruce

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