GNOME 2.26.3

Wayne Blaszczyk wblaszcz at
Wed Sep 23 04:24:55 PDT 2009

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DJ Lucas wrote:

>> <stuff delete/>
DM icon problem has been fixed with the additional step:
>> ln -s $(pkg-config --variable=prefix \
>>      ORBit-2.0)/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon
>> $(pkg-config \
>>      --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0)/lib/gdm
>> GDM assumes that it and gnome-settings-daemon share the same libexecdir.
>> How do we raise this problem with the GDM developers?
> I do not like the symlink.  Same issue I have with the gnome-keyboard 
> applet (which I still haven't found the proper fix for yet).  GDM needs 
> a little bit of work, and looking at Bugzilla for it, there are lots of 
> bugs in unconfirmed status.  Probably fat chance at a commit any time 
> soon, but submit it anyway.  If you don't get to it, I'll take a shot at 
> a complete 'buildfix' patch for us tomorrow evening...and separate it 
> out for GDM's BZ.
> -- DJ Lucas
Yes, I don't like the symlink solution either, but I thought it was best
to rush out a quick fix rather than holding back and doing a proper
patch.  That way it gives other people a chance to try out a working
build and maybe improve upon it. Later down the track I'll come back to
it (if no one beats me to it first;). Apart from GDM, I haven't had a
chance to look at any other additional gnome package yet. I think I have
underestimated the time needed to go through the whole gnome suite.

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