GNOME 2.26.3

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Sep 22 18:46:04 PDT 2009

On 09/22/2009 06:09 AM, Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:
> DJ,
> The shutdown and network/trash icons have been fixed, are there any more
>   problems you can see?

Funny, you should ask.  Just posted this to Dan a second  I 
sent this upstream and it needs to be in LFS for /opt/foo installs of X.

> GNOME 2.28 will be released shortly. I suppose we should update to this
> version?
> Wayne.
Possibly.  I generally don't like .0 releases.  They are never quite 
seem to be ready for release.  Wonder how much more difficult it 
is...have you done a 2.27 build?

-- DJ Lucas

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