openldap-2.4.16, db-4.5.20 and gdbm-1.8.3

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Tue Sep 22 03:36:54 PDT 2009

Sami Tarazi schrieb:
> Guy, William, I do apologise for this misunderstanding.  Following the
> posts of July, I was under the impression (wrongly) that  is desirable
> to keep db-4.5.20 for the time being.  I tried db-4.7.25 with many
> OpenLDAP releases.  The combination that worked the best seemed to be
> db-4.7.25 and OpenLDAP-2.4.18 as follows:

im running db-4.7.25 with the "upstream_fixes-1.patch" from the patches

with openldap i'm at 2.4.16 as this is the recommended stable release
for production. see:

i had to apply a little patch to be able to compile with the 6.5 toolchain:

i had to add
#include "portable.h"

2.4.18 compiles without this patch. i hadn't the time for heavy testing,
thus i still use 2.4.16 for production environment as recommended by the
openldap people.


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