upgrades for BLFS

Sami Tarazi e44bpws at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 06:25:16 PDT 2009

I successfully built the following packages on lfs 6.5 :

tcl8.5.7  - to match lfs 6.5
tk-804.028_501 perl module - tk-perl-804.027 did not compile, probably
du to tk8.5.7.
jdk1.6.0_16  -   could not find jdk1.6.0_5

Please notice the following typing mistakes:

- libgpg-error :  at the bottom of the page under "Short Discription"
liblibgpg-error.{so,a}, should be

- mesa - at the biggining it is written "Extract al three tarballs
..." , it should be something like "Extract the two
              tarballs ... "  as Glut tarball is not used.

Sami Tarazi

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