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Tue Sep 15 22:51:54 PDT 2009

On 09/11/2009 01:30 PM, Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 12:16 AM, DJ Lucas<dj at>  wrote:
>> On 09/08/2009 04:45 PM, Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:
>>> Anyway, I did several experiments, and I don't see that the XDG* exports
>>> in the gdm boot script actually do anything. I also tried putting the
>>> variables into the various user's .bash_profile's including the gdm user
>>> to no avail. The only way I could solve my problem (icons and menus not
>>> displaying correctly was to put in a new script ( under
>>> profile.d. So that is what I'm proposing to go into the book, the only
>>> question is what section should it go under. If anyone has any
>>> objections on this, let me know.
>>> I also have a problem with several but no all icons not being displayed
>>> on the gdm logon prompt which I have not solved yet.
>> That is the issue I have.
> I don't think that when the greeter is run as the gdm user that any of
> the profile scripts are sourced (it's not running in a shell). So, I
> don't think any of the environment variables are getting set. You can
> look in /proc/$pid_of_greeter/environ to see what's set.
> Looking at the source, it seems that the gdm script sources
> /etc/profile, so the environment for gdm-binary running as root has
> all the normal shell variables. So, when gdm-binary forks the greeter,
> it should have the same environment. Does the environment for
> gdm-binary contain the XDG* variables?
Correct as advertised above...
gdm has a full environment
gdm-binary has a full environment
gdm-simple-slave has a full environment
gdm-simple-greeter has a very minimal environment
gdm-session-worker has a full environment

Unfortunately, I do not have a full understanding of how GDM works, nor 
do I usually use it.  Only doing it now to assist with what little I 
can.  Why would the cancel button have a displayable icon, but not the 
logo and login button?  The fact that the cancel button icon shows up 
would seem to eliminate the need for XDG* in the greeter's environment.

-- DJ Lucas

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