GNOME 2.26.3

Wayne Blaszczyk wblaszcz at
Sun Sep 13 14:42:26 PDT 2009

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Dan Nicholson wrote:
> Looking at the source, it seems that the gdm script sources
> /etc/profile, so the environment for gdm-binary running as root has
> all the normal shell variables. So, when gdm-binary forks the greeter,
> it should have the same environment. Does the environment for
> gdm-binary contain the XDG* variables?
I've shoved the XDG* variables into the /etc/profile section and all
seems well.
>>> With the shutdown and reboot, that also doesn't work for me, but I
>>> haven't had a chance to look at this. I've seen this before but cannot
>>> remember was that cause was (either configuration or a package missing).
>>> I'll look at this tonight.
>>> Wayne.
>> That one is going to be fun.  All of that functionality was moved to
>> ConsoleKit IIUC.
> Yep. ConsoleKit + DBus is basically required for gnome. gdm and
> gnome-session both use the ConsoleKit dbus methods to shutdown.
> --
> Dan
I've tried ConsoleKit, PolicyKit-gnome, and HAL (I normally don't have
this this in my test builds, to no avail. At one stage after installing
all in a particular order, I did get an extra functionality(?) in that
pressing the stop/step buttons from gdm produced a pop up dialog box
saying authentication denied or something like that. But my main concern
was that the icons on the greeter (except the cancel button) are still
not showing up. I just had a look at my last build order and ConsoleKit
was installed after D-BUS. I'll have a closer look at the D-BUS
dependencies tonight.

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