GNOME 2.26.3

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Sep 7 17:42:06 PDT 2009

On 09/07/2009 04:40 PM, DJ Lucas wrote:
> On 09/07/2009 04:28 PM, DJ Lucas wrote:
>> After completing all of gnome except bug-buddy and accesability, I'm
>> having difficulties with gdm that I haven't figured out.  'gdm --debug'
>> was useless to me.
> But the log files weren't.  Can't execute /usr/X11R6/bin/X.  Looks like
> they missed only one package in the entire tree.  I'll see if I can't
> remember how to fix the configure check, but this is not an issue for
> BLFS, as we put in a symlink, I just leave it off so that someday we can
> get rid of it.
Well, this was different, not a standardized test, but I sent this upstream:

--- gdm-2.26.1-orig/    2009-03-16 14:50:10.000000000 -0500
+++ gdm-2.26.1/    2009-09-07 18:16:04.000000000 -0500
@@ -1133,6 +1133,13 @@
     X_CONFIG_OPTIONS="-audit 0"
+elif test -x "`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=prefix xorg-server`/bin/X"; then
+   # last chance attempt to locate it via pkg-config before doing
+   # the wrong thing below
+   X_PATH="`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=prefix xorg-server`/bin"
+   X_CONFIG_OPTIONS="-audit 0"
     # what to do, what to do, this is wrong, but this just sets the
     # defaults, perhaps this user is cross compiling or some such

-- DJ Lucas

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