Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Sep 6 10:41:34 PDT 2009

On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 1:31 AM, DJ Lucas <dj at> wrote:

> Finally in.  I've only built the various incarnations 25 times or so to
> get it right.  :-)  I also just remembered the alsa-lib dep too...might
> be able to get that out yet, but I've got it as required right now.
> It's required for the openvideo support, but might be able to build
> without it.  Guess I'll do a couple more rebuilds tomorrow or Monday.
> All three patches for nss, nspr, and xul/ff should now continue to work
> over version updates, barring any directory structure changes in the
> source packages.  Official recommendation now is to build each
> individual part separately, but that is not actually required, the nss
> version in the book is newer than those included in the tree,
> and contains security fixes. will have that version I believe
> and hopefully should be out shortly.

I'm out of twon right now.  I'll check it out on Tuesday when I get back.

  -- Bruce

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