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Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Sep 2 05:27:54 PDT 2009

Wayne Blaszczyk wrote these words on 09/02/09 07:08 CST:
> Hi,
> I notice there is an inconsistency in the use of either 'Required Patch'
> or 'Required patch' among the packages. Which form should we be using?
> or does it not matter?
> Regards,
> Wayne.

I thought I had fixed all these at one time. Oh well. Here's a sample of data:

randy at rmlscsi: ~/Books/BLFS/BOOK > grep -lr "Required patch" * | grep -v \.svn-base$ | wc -l
randy at rmlscsi: ~/Books/BLFS/BOOK > grep -lr "Required Patch" * | grep -v \.svn-base$ | wc -l

There are also many places where there is descriptive text along with the
patch, and that text is lower case. So, unless someone can come up with a
reason to not to, let's use the lower case variety.

I will run a sed and change all "Required Patch", to "Required patch". I
may do a few more greps looking for plural instances and what not.


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