Gnome-2.28.0 build notes -- gnome-applets-2.28.0

Lars Bamberger maillist at
Tue Oct 27 13:14:21 PDT 2009

Lars Bamberger wrote:
> As for dbus-launch, this lives in /usr/bin so I'll see if we can tell
> gnome-session to look there.

This particular error is caused by a hard-coded path:
$BINDIR/dbus-launch in gdm-2.28.1 (BINDIR is $PREFIX/bin which is

Here is a proposed fix:


diff -Naur gdm-2.28.1/daemon/gdm-welcome-session.c
--- gdm-2.28.1/daemon/gdm-welcome-session.c     2009-10-20
00:12:45.000000000 +0200
+++ gdm-2.28.1.blfs/daemon/gdm-welcome-session.c        2009-10-27
20:32:54.000000000 +0100
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@

 #include "gdm-welcome-session.h"

-#define DBUS_LAUNCH_COMMAND BINDIR "/dbus-launch --exit-with-session"
+#define DBUS_LAUNCH_COMMAND "/usr/bin/dbus-launch --exit-with-session"

 #define MAX_LOGS 5

However, I'm not sure this is even a problem because in
'gnome-dbus.desktop' we start the correct dbus-launch anyway.


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