Harcoded dirs in the GDM bootscript

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 12:36:35 PDT 2009

William Immendorf wrote:
> Basicaly, I looked at the GDM bootscript, and it's hardcoded to
> 2.18.3. If you ask me, it should be updated to match the latest
> version, or better yet, point to /opt/gnome, which is a good idea. In
> theory, anyway.

/opt/gnome is one way, but not everyone uses the /opt/gnome symlink.

An alternative method would be to have the script load /etc/sysconfig/gnome or 
similar file with current boot time parameters such as GNOME_PREFIX.  A similar 
approach is nfs-utils which uses a sysconfig file.

   -- Bruce

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