procmail 3.22 compile error under lfs 6.5

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Wed Oct 7 17:01:18 PDT 2009

Claus Regelmann wrote:
> procmail 3.22 does not compile under lfs 6.5, because of a duplicated
> definition of getline (glibc 2.10.1). There exists a patch from GENTOO.
> I've attached this patch.

A couple of things.  Please don't compress something as small as this.  It is 
only 2840 bytes uncompressed.

Second, looking at the patch, I think a simple

   sed -i  s/getline/procmail_getline/  src/{fields.c,formail.c,formisc.{c,h}}

or probably

   sed -i  s/getline/procmail_getline/ src/*.{c,h}

would work just as well without the overhead of a patch.

   -- Bruce

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