Xorg-7.5 very soon (Was: Re: KDE4)

Thomas Trepl thomas at equinox.homelinux.org
Sat Oct 3 04:02:24 PDT 2009


next time, when Xorg-7.5 will be out, I'll update to the latest version of 
KDE4.  I hope that this will solve a problem i have with X or/and KDE4 when 
enabling all those animations and gimmicks in kwin (like rolling the desktops, 
displaying them as a cube, falling snow etc).  It all works well - more or 
less long and suddenly the desktop totally freezes - the system itself still 
ok. In the Xorg.log (which I hav attached) there are notes about invinite 
loops. For that I didnt find much hints.  I feel that is not really a X 
problem (with KDE3 i never had those problems) but I cannot believe that this 
is a real KDE4 problem... I think this is some kind of both.

Has one of you seen such a problem too?

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