KDE4 (was: Re: Xorg-server-1.6)

Christoph Berg Christoph.Berg at kpm-sport.de
Thu Oct 1 00:24:19 PDT 2009

Am Donnerstag 01 Oktober 2009 00:59:10 schrieb DJ Lucas:
> On 09/30/2009 11:36 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > It does prompt for an 'o' for the open source version and then for 'yes'
> > to accept the GPL.  That makes it difficult to script, but other than
> > that, it's straight forward.
> I haven't tried this, :-) but couldn't you do something like
> 'yes yes | yes o | make' (or vice versa)?
> -- DJ Lucas

The last Qt version  I built was 4.5.0. It had a configure option called
-confirm-license to accept the GPL. But this was before the availability to 
select between GPL and LGPL. 
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