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DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Jul 29 21:55:03 PDT 2009

Just a heads up..if you want to build firefox-3.5{,1} against, system nss
and nspr, all that is needed is to add ns{s,pr}-config.  You can use the
ones provided in the current nss patch, just change the version numbers
and the include dirs (both are /usr/include/xulrunner- 
This also must be done if intending to use xulrunner to provide nss/nspr. 
You will also need ns{s,pr}.pc files (symlink to mozilla-ns{s,pr}.pc).

With those changes in place, the existing instructions work fine for XUL
and FF (add system hunspell, and update the so symlinks for nss and nspr),
but firefox is still trying to package it up and throws some 60 warnings,
which AFAICT in casual use in TWM, can be safely ignored (I didn't look
into it just yet).

I also do not usually build stand alone nss/nspr since xulrunner is the
primary (only?) consumer in my case.  The new Mozilla release version is (XUL version), but still extracts to mozilla-1.9.1, and includes
nss-3.12.3 and nspr-4.8.0. I'll probably grab the mozilla tickets (and nss
too), but thought I'd drop a note for anybody who wants it sense
wasting an extra 20 minutes (or more) building xul a second time.

Finally, TB3 is not due for RC1 till November 2nd (the current B3 is
really nice).  I'm not sure what our release target is for BLFS, guess
that depends on how much gets done and how quick it happens.  At the
estimated rate of development, it's not likely we'll have TB3 by BLFS-6.5,
but hopefully, by December we'll have all Mozilla products on the same
release, assuming that the full suite is updated shortly thereafter.

-- DJ Lucas

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