Proposal about current status of GNOME

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Jul 29 14:48:35 PDT 2009

Wayne Blaszczyk wrote these words on 07/29/09 16:36 CST:

> I was actually think along the same lines as Bruce, to have two entities
> (old and new). My suggestion would be the following:
>  gnome-version = 2.26 and gnome-old-version = 2.18, then sed everything
> to gnome-old-version first. The advantage over have two entities rather
> than commenting everything out is that you can check in one package at a
> time rather than the big bang approach, with the added bonus that others
> can review the work as it comes out.

I guess I beat you by a couple of minutes essentially saying the same
thing. I'll get the entities setup here soon.


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