Proposal about current status of GNOME

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Jul 29 14:33:15 PDT 2009

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 07/29/09 10:52 CST:

> Create a gnome-target entity and use that until all the packages use it and then 
> do a sed s/target/version/ when appropriate.

As always, good plan, Bruce.

> I'm not sure what you want to comment out.  There are many packages that require 
> or at least can use Gnome libraries.  The desktop may not work, but many of the 
> libraries should be OK.

Excellent thoughts noted. Can't simply comment out everything.

> I'd be more inclined to put in a big note detailing the status and update as we 
> go.  We could even go the entity route wit a note for each package needing 
> update.  Just a thought.

I'll put some note on the main GNOME build page today sometime. I'm not
sure I can detail the status, but until all the "Platform" and "Desktop"
libs and apps are updated/replaced/added, GNOME must be considered broken.

We can add notes as we go to sort of create a timetable, so at least folks
will know when to expect a working desktop. So far, Wayne has added some
new required libraries and other packages, and is updating libraries and
packages that are not even in the GNOME section. He hasn't even started
on the core GNOME platform and desktop packages yet.

Only good out of this is that whoever is doing the GNOME updates can
throw them out there as they are completed. I've always had to wait
and update the entire "Platform" section at once, quickly followed
by the entire "Desktop" section again all at once, so that GNOME
wouldn't be broken for more than a day or two.

Once the core "Platform" and "Desktop" sections are completed, we could
then probably change the notes to reflect we now have core GNOME desktop
complete. Then, in this order, the additional libs, then accessibility,
then the utilities.

Jeez, it is a lot of work.


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