Proposal about current status of GNOME

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Jul 29 07:22:01 PDT 2009

Hi all,

There is an entity in the book named &gnome-version;. It is the major
part of a GNOME release. In the case of the current book it is 2.18.
We use this entity quite a bit in the URLs of GNOME packages. Wayne
is busy updating all the preliminary packages for GNOME. Most GNOME
support packages (libsoup for example) now use the current version
of gnome in the URL.

However, Wayne can't use the gnome-version entity because it would
break the libsoup URL.

It is my opinion that GNOME is totally broken in current SVN. Enough
that I feel it should actually be commented out completely, until
GNOME is actually updated.

There are so many missing packages, and so many obsolete packages,
that I don't believe anyone could use the book to build GNOME unless
you are *very* experienced, in which case you don't need BLFS.

I propose we comment out GNOME from the book until it is ready. That
way I can bump the gnome-version entity to 2.26 and we can use the
entity in gnome support package URLs.

Anyone have a problem with this?


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