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Tue Jul 28 00:58:31 PDT 2009

Am Sonntag 26 Juli 2009 03:14 schrieben Sie:
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> I will also be adding all the new dependency packages first. The one
> concern I do have however is policykit. Namely around how the daemon is
> set up (which I presume there is one). I just cannot find enough
> documentation on this. Are there any distributions out there that are
> currently using this? I get the impression that this is still in a beta
> stage.
I know of ArchLinux using PolicyKit for Gnome and KDE. There are a few patches 
for this package dealing with a newer D-BUS version (whatever this newever D-
BUS version is; Arch uses 1.2.14 at the moment) and a configuration file for 
using PolicyKit together with PAM.

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