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Sat Jul 25 18:14:24 PDT 2009

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DJ Lucas wrote:
> Guy Dalziel wrote:
> I've read previously that Wayne is interested in Gnome as well so he and I
> can work together on that one.  In fact, Wayne, if you are anxious to get
> going on that, go ahead and take that ticket from me when you are ready to
> make commits.  I'll follow behind and provide verification as I pass
> through.  Conversely, where do you build X?  I use the /opt/X11 prefix for
> it, without the compatibility symlink (/usr/X11R6) and have previously
> fixed a few of the configure checks upstream to account for this.
OK, I've taken the ticket. It might be up to a week before I start
committing Gnome packages. ATM, I've only concentrated on the core
section. The last few days, I've been fixing up my auto build scripts.
Today I'll start to convert my Gnome build from 26.2 to 26.3. There are
still a couple of niggling problems, but they should be fixed soon. One
problem is that certain Gnome packages expect dbus to have the same
'sysconfdir' as Gnome, which leads me to a question. Why do we have
Gnome 'sysconfdir' set to '/etc/gnome/<version>'? Would there be people
out there who would have more than one version of Gnome installed? It
would be a lot simpler if 'sysconfdir' was set to /etc. Any thoughts?

I have X install under /usr with the /usr/X11R6 symlink. I am also only
testing Gnome under /usr.

I will also be adding all the new dependency packages first. The one
concern I do have however is policykit. Namely around how the daemon is
set up (which I presume there is one). I just cannot find enough
documentation on this. Are there any distributions out there that are
currently using this? I get the impression that this is still in a beta

Finally thank you to everyone for their welcomes.

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