proposal: new approach

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Jul 25 07:10:28 PDT 2009

Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 07/25/09 09:03 CST:

> Yes, I don't want to update pages in the book saying "it works with
> such and such". Let's just use Trac. I will ensure each package is
> accounted for.

Please keep in mind that even though I've said I can't promise to do
any updates, doesn't mean I'm not building up a 6.5 box. I'll end up
adding more than 3/4 of the packages, as I always do. This tests the
majority of the book I just don't think I'm going to have time to do
actual book updates. I will if I can.

It's not like we're going to be going blindly wondering if there is
breakage in the book. If there is, we'll discover it. And then fix
it, just like we've always done.


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