proposal: new approach

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Fri Jul 24 16:04:59 PDT 2009

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Update, update, update. Let's everyone get on the ball. Send in
> patches and recommendations. Keep the flow of information coming.

My suggestion is to try to look at the base libraries first.  They have the
fewest dependencies, although there are cases of circular dependencies and are
generally the easiest to build.  Updating those may break older apps that depend
on the libraries, but they will generally have newer releases pending that will
fix those problems.

I think we do need to mark each package with some sort of indication about when
it was last reviewed.  We do have a Last updated on: tag, but that's not always
the best indication because it is automatically updated for things like
whitespace changes.

The exact method of doing this mark is not really important.  I like the
suggestion made earlier to add a line to each package with "Last checked against
LFS 6.5", possibly within the introduction of the package

   -- Bruce

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