Any issues upgrading LFS 6.3 -> 6.5

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Tue Jul 21 12:29:49 PDT 2009

CC'ing BLFS-Dev because that is where this discussion now belongs.
Please respond there.

Mike McCarty wrote these words on 07/21/09 14:17 CST:
> Thanks for the replies, Bruce and Randy. I am not complaining,
> merely observing. I did offer to do some help with the dev
> team, if nothing else then just verifying that builds will work,
> but had no real response.

I don't recall your message about that, but I certainly take your word
that you did. :-) Our apologies for not responding. We can use all the
help we can get. If you feel comfortable with the XML and have SVN and
the rendering tools on your machine, feel free to send in patches to
update the book. Of course, if you start doing that, you will be invited
to join the Editing team and be expected to update 20 packages per week.

Just kidding! :-)

If that is beyond what you're looking to do, then as you discover an
updated version of package that works with the existing packages on
your system, then update that package's Wiki page to reflect what you

The Wiki idea is actually good because if we make it known that even though
BLFS itself hasn't been updated for a particular package, the Wiki might
have info that would help.

Anyone else have ideas on how we can come together and get the project
moving ahead at a faster pace?


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