libbonobo-2.18.0 errors

krendoshazin at krendoshazin at
Mon Jul 20 01:27:33 PDT 2009

Craig Jackson wrote:
> I get the following error output when using LFS-6.4 and
> BLFS-SVN-20090718 to compile libbonobo-2.18.0:

I'm afraid that 6.4 may no longer be supported as far as BLFS goes. There
is just too much work involved to release something that will put us even
further behind. Therefore, although we're still in the process of debating
it, BLFS-SVN may skip a version and go straight to 6.5. If you plan on
following BLFS-SVN I would encourage you to build LFS 6.5 once it is
released, this will lessen the likelihood of such issues arising.

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