Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jul 19 10:43:26 PDT 2009

Ken Moffat wrote:

>> We could easily put in another line:
>>   Last built and tested with LFS version 6.5
>> immediately above or below the date stamp.

I'm not really a fan of doing anything different than what we've
been doing. I'm really against a branch for 6.4, as there is
simply nobody that will use it. People building LFS are going to
build 6.5. If someone has 6.4, they probably have already been
building packages, so they don't need the branch.

Let's discuss this quite a bit more before we start adding lines
such as "Last built and tested with LFS version xxx" and everything
else that has been suggested.

Let's just try to get trunk up to date and everything will take
care of itself. Thoughts from others please.


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