Agathoklis D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 18:00:55 PDT 2009

On Sun, Jul 19, at 12:15 Ken Moffat wrote:

> Thoughts ?

I am not that sure about the labels thing. I am not against but for a
branch which targets LFS-6.4 (which is quite old and well tested), maybe
it wouldn't be that crucial, since (from memory) it looks that we don't
have reports for un-buildable packages or packages that doesn't produce
the expected result, or we don't have many applications with known
vulnerabilities (I think to remember an advisory for Apache but that is
not something new and we can fix it with an Apache update).
I believe if you or anyone else is in a position to update GNOME, then we
can squash the rest of the tickets in track, by either ignoring the updates
for not so important packages or if you/we have difficulties we can set
the milestone to 6.5 and just comment them out from the Book. Merging back
to trunk could be a hard task however so it should be avoided.
Saying that I can understand a frustration from the community, but we make
this discussion because it has been a long without a release. Unless we
can accept the fact and give up and make BLFS just follows LFS SVN.
The problem with that approach however, is that we then accept officially
that BLFS is broken (which is in a way but we never said it loudly, as we
should have done it, if we wanted to be honest with our audience). 

Since I've said merging, I believe slowly we have to think seriously to
move to git, in which branching and merging is built into the kernel and
is a natural choice for a project like ours, but I understand that this
is not a priority for now; but for the future is something that needs

Anyway, branching for 6.4 is the only sensible thing we can do for now,
if we don't want to give up or don't want to spread "if" statements all
around the Book instructions, depending either on the gcc version or in
the /etc/lfs-release.

As for me, I work for a very important project that attracts all my
interest and until at least the winter, or even worse (watch the
contradiction), if the things goes extremely well (which you never know
because we live in this wonderful country where everything is possible),
it might be the end of LFS for me, for probably a long-long time. But I
have the desire to continue to contribute to the project, with every way
and when it's possible to do it, and probably I can help you a bit in
track when you will (if you) start, since I have a 6.4 system and I am
not planning a rebuild soon.

So it's a yes from me. And of course, Thanks for your offer Ken.

> ĸen


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