LFS-6.5-RC1 released

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 18 10:06:13 PDT 2009

Ken Moffat wrote these words on 07/18/09 11:20 CST:
>  OTOH, I don't have any gcc-4.4 systems, and building one will
> definitely not be a priority - I need to update my own desktop, and
> I figure that will be a lot easier if I stick with gcc-4.3 for the first
> attempt.  So, if BLFS-dev has to be suitable for LFS-6.5 then I am
> ruled out of it until the autumn.

We really have no choice. We can't expect folks to build an old version
of LFS, simply because BLFS can't keep up. LFS is going to recommend
to build the "stable" version, not an older one. BLFS must try to keep

It used to be easy before there were so many packages. GNOME used to be
much easier. The multimedia stuff used to be easier. There are just so
many packages in BLFS that we need more dev's to keep up.

Or move to a Wiki and let the entire community contribute.


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[GNU C Library stable release version 2.3.6] [Linux i686]
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