LFS-6.5-RC1 released

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 18 10:02:28 PDT 2009

krendoshazin at dementedfury.org wrote these words on 07/18/09 11:14 CST:
> I think the nature of SVN versions is that it's constantly changing. I've
> always been under the assumption that BLFS-SVN builds according to
> LFS-SVN, rather than building against a specific version.

No, it has never been that way. And I cannot see it every being that way.
The goal is to have a "stable" LFS platform, and a matching "stable"
BLFS. In a perfect world, that process of a stable BLFS following the
most recent stable LFS would be a month or so. Unfortunately, we are just
too understaffed to even begin to reach that goal

> The need to
> explicitly disable GDBM in ZSH now that GDBM is in LFS is a good example,
> which is something that I have already fixed.

But GDBM is in LFS-6.5, our new target.

> I think we should build
> against the development book rather than 6.5, that way we're not
> constantly playing catch-up; if a major discrepancy arises between the two
> versions (LFS-stable and LFS-SVN) then we can deal with it when the time
> comes.

You would have to convince the entire community of that. We've been
doing it differently since the project started. Mostly because LFS
is to fast a moving target, BLFS could never catch up. What it would
require is that every package update in LFS-SVN means the BLFS devs
need to rebuild LFS, and start over testing packages.

Won't happen.


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