Need some Mutt advice

krendoshazin at krendoshazin at
Fri Jul 17 11:28:23 PDT 2009

> I've never built Mutt, so anyone that does could help out a bit. I'm
> in the process of commenting out all the references to GDBM in the book.
> What I did on the Mutt page was change --disable-gdbm to --enable-gdbm.
> So now there is both --enable-gdbm and --enable-bdb. Does this do any
> harm?

Do you mean --with-gdbm? I was a little confused there for a moment. I
believe that if Mutt finds both GDBM and DBD it will use GDBM; the command
explanation for --with-dbd is "Use BerkeleyDB4 if gdbm is not available".
I'm already one step ahead as I don't bother compiling DBD in LFS, and
I've always compiled Mutt against GDBM. Since GDBM is the prefered
database, and it's now a part of LFS, I think that we should change it to
--without-dbd --with-gdbm.

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