Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Jul 16 08:34:20 PDT 2009

Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:
> I thought I might contribute something to this project after using
> LFS/BLFS for several years now.
> I've created a new page for liboil and have attached the diff file to
> ticket 2820. Let me know if this is the correct way of submitting things.

One other thing, Wayne. If you're adding a new package, you should
grep through the sources (entire book) and see if there are any
references to that packages as external dependencies. If there
are any, those dependencies then need to be changed to internal
dependencies. In liboil's case, there were a couple of packages
(GStreamer stuff) that use liboil.

I made the changes. This is just a heads up for the future. I'll
be committing the liboil package in just a few moments. Thanks,


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