Question about new contributers

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Jul 16 07:06:03 PDT 2009

Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:

> I made a post 3 days ago to the blfs-dev mailing list in regards to a
> new package that I created as per the 'Getting Involved' section, and I
> notice that no one has responded or done anything about it.

Sorry about that. I'm really busy and I suppose the others are as
well, or it was just plain overlooked. Either way, it has been dug
up from the graveyard.

> I would like to become an editor (i.e. direct access to svn) and
> contribute to this project. My main interest/focus would be on GNOME.

That's great. Typically we don't just hand out SVN write privileges
to anyone that simply asks, however, you did send in a nice patch,
and we are very short-handed. What I'd like you to do is contribute
to the -dev discussions and provide some support in the -support
lists. Please subscribe to both lists.

We'll get you worked in soon enough.

> BTW liboil is one of those dependencies. I've already done the GNOME
> 2.26.2 core section with a couple of run time teething problems which
> should be quickly sorted out.

I can't help at this point think that we either use 2.26.3 or even 2.28
if it is ready. The book is quite a bit lacking so it may take until 2.28
is ready. DJ, where do you stand with GNOME? GNOME timeline puts 2.28
about 2 months from now.

> Can you let me know if I've done something
> wrong or if there is a different method of submission to non-editors.

No, you did perfect. We just didn't get to it in the time frame you

> I
> think that it would be disappointing if non-editor submissions would
> take weeks to merge/commit in if at all. I've also notice at least one
> other ticket where a patch was provided 6 months ago (libtasn1) and yet
> it still has not been committed.

Interesting. I'll look into this one. Thanks for bringing it up. Please
keep in mind that we are volunteers, and do this when we have time. I
know for me, I have very little. I have no problem bringing you on board,
I think we'd all just like to get to know you a bit better.


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