hal- and libvolume_id.h

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 14 15:12:29 PDT 2009

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 07/14/09 00:25 CST:

> BLFS is woefully out of date.  HAL- is two years old.

I've cc'd -dev so please respond to this email to that list.

I will take responsibility for BLFS being so out-of-date. HAL was my
very next update to do before things have just gone crazy in my life.

I own many tickets, most of which I had full intentions of doing these
updates until things in my life (which are all good, by the way) have
changed. I know that DJ has personal ongoings as well, as he took the
GNOME ticket a *long* time ago, but there's been no development. I fully

I cannot promise that I can contribute to BLFS development, but I would
love to stay on as Editor. I review each post to -book. I comment when
necessary. In the regard of pure Editor, I believe I can handle that
role, but some of you may look at the Editor should also be a contributor
as well.

I'm willing to discuss my role as Editor of the book, if there is concern
in the community. Again, I cannot promise that I can contribute as an
active developer. I will try and recruit as many new editors as possible.

Again, I'd love to stay on in the role of Editor. I can review each post
to -book, and I can do the release tasks, should we ever release another
version. I hope that we do.


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