Sun JDK and OpenJDK

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Dec 29 22:40:49 PST 2009

Looks like the update build drops are back in place at Sun, so the 
source build under JRL licensing can go back in.  I had been planning on 
putting in IcedTea-1.7 (for bootstrapping OpenJDK6) and other niceties, 
like a browser plug-in ;-), sometime after the next HotSpot build drop 
(the HotSpot used for the official u18).  The old browser plug-in is 
quite stable now (actually usable for everything I use it for on a daily 
basis) and the new plug-in is coming along nicely as well (but will not 
be the default in the least not yet).

Does anyone have a strong objection to having both in the book for a 
while?  It'll be a bit before I can get to it.  Also, initially, IcedTea 
will require gcj, however, I need to figure out what needs to be done to 
provide a binary IcedTea build for bootstrapping purposes (as it'll be a 
lot easier and kind of follow along the existing SunJDK instructions).  
I'm not exactly sure what steps I have to take to qualify a pre-built 
kit for release purposes.  To claim that it's a JDK6 compatible release, 
per Sun, it is either 100% compatible or it's not compatible.  No 
percentages can be released, and it has to be tested (with a previously 
closed test suite) to release it as such.

-- DJ Lucas

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