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Thomas Trepl thomas at equinox.homelinux.org
Thu Dec 3 13:47:01 PST 2009

Am Thursday 03 December 2009 19:19:49 schrieb linux fan:
> And the instructions appear to assume that you already have installed 
> KDE3, which would imply some additional dependencies. I want to
> install KDE4 without having to first install KDE3 ... what to do??

Just follow the instructions. There is no need to have KDE3 installed for 
building KDE4.  The wiki article simply assumes that there is a KDE3 desktop 
allready, simply cause its in the book and KDE4 is the natural successor of 
KDE3. But technically, it need not to be there. On the other side, when 
having KDE3 installed there may some other packages installed too which are 
also prerequisites to KDE4. But again, its no requirement and it could 
sometimes have even disadvantages.

I think that the wiki articles are hints in addition to the BLFS book, just 
addons. So some experiences in building a full featured systems should be 
available.  There are no instructions about how to build QT-4.5 but it is 
assumed that you're able to figure out how it should be built (which is no 
big deal if you have it done with QT3 by following the books instructions). 
You will see that QT4 can make use of MySQL and MySQL will later be required 
by KDE4's Akonadi. But it is still optional - its up to you whether you 
install it first or not. That is what I meant by experiences. You should know 
to deal with a package and its dependencies.
With this in mind, the article gives you a perfect idea of how it could work 
to setup a KDE4 desktop.

Btw, who wrote all that pages?  Wow, great work!!


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