Xorg Libraries

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 17:21:30 PDT 2009

DJ Lucas wrote:
> On 08/30/2009 12:36 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Let me know how you wnat to handle things and I'll set it up.
> Well, as Guy pointed out, we are not really building 7.4 anymore. 
> Stability with the original 7.4 was sketchy, though I personally never
> had any issues with it, there are lots of fun exercises to perform all
> over the net to get it to play nicely.  I personally like 7.4-1, but
> it's a pretty major upgrade from 7.4.  It's also not really a 7.5-pre,
> as xorg has not done a pre-release, but I have seen 7.5 thrown around
> quite a bit, so the naming convention is open for discussion.  As far as
> automating the FTPs, lets do whatever is easiest to do and keeps the
> maintenance burden to a minimum in the future.

I like 7.4-1 or 7.4.1 too.  We need to point out that that designation is ours 
and not from Xorg.

The easiest for me is to just do a checkout of the auxfiles and then a daily svn 
update.  We may want to review/reorganize what is in the auxfiles directory.
I don't really think we need all the 7.1 files and the old mozconfig files can 
go too.  A lot of the files are hanging around from 2006 and 2007.

   -- Bruce


$ ls -R auxfiles/
compressdoc   gcc336_test.txt   makeblfscas.sh     seamonkey-1.1.8-mozconfig
firefox-      gcc412_test.txt    mc-bad.png
firefox-  heimdal-overwrites     mkcabundle.pl      xorg
firefox-3.0.7-mozconfig     jdk-uudecode-check.sh  php_configure.txt 

app-7.1.wget   data-7.2.md5   driver-7.4.wget lib-7.1.wget     md5sums-7.1 
util-7.1.wget  app-7.2.md5    data-7.2.wget   font-7.1.wget    lib-7.2.md5 
proto-7.1.wget util-7.2.md5   app-7.2.wget    driver-7.1.wget  font-7.2.md5 
lib-7.2.wget   proto-7.2.md5  util-7.2.wget   app-7.4.md5      driver-7.2.md5 
font-7.2.wget  lib-7.4.md5    proto-7.2.wget  util-7.4.md5     app-7.4.wget 
driver-7.2.wget font-7.4.md5  lib-7.4.wget    proto-7.4.md5    util-7.4.wget
data-7.1.wget  driver-7.4.md5 font-7.4.wget   md5sums          proto-7.4.wget

6.2.0         firefox-     seamonkey-1.1-mozconfig
6.3           firefox-     seamonkey-1.1.1-mozconfig

BLFS-ca-bundle-20090409.tar.bz2  firefox- 
akode-svn_060128.tar.bz2         gcc336_test.txt               sources
akode-svn_060128.tar.bz2.md5sum  gcc402_test.txt               svn
compressdoc                      gcc403_test.txt 
firefox-1.5-mozconfig            gcc412_test.txt 
firefox-        heimdal-overwrites 
firefox-        jdk-uudecode-check.sh 
firefox-        jsapi-license.txt 
firefox-        mc-bad.png 
firefox-        md5sums 
firefox-        mozilla-1.7.12-mozconfig 
firefox-        php_configure.txt 
firefox-       seamonkey-1.0-mozconfig 
firefox-       seamonkey-1.0-mozconfig.SAVE  xorg
firefox-       seamonkey-1.0.1-mozconfig
firefox-       seamonkey-1.0.5-mozconfig

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