Trouble configuring xorg on a 64-bit system

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Aug 31 12:13:14 PDT 2009

Dan Nicholson wrote:

> Sorry. KMS is kernel modesetting. This has been a recent change.
> Previously, the X drivers did all the modesetting from userspace,
> which required a lot of banging on the card as root. Moving all the
> privileged code for modesetting into the kernel allows lots of
> improvements. Here's a far better explanation than I could ever give:
> The rub here is that the intel driver (and now radeon) have very
> mature modesetting code for userspace that has to be ported over to
> the kernel. This has mostly been done for intel, but people are still
> reporting regressions (black screen on intel was one that was reported
> often).

OK, we'll leave it as is for now and keep it in mind is someone else has the 
same type of problem.

   -- Bruce

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