Recommended Dependencies

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Aug 29 08:13:12 PDT 2009

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Either 1) Change the 'Recommended' to Required' with the same note. There
> is precedence for having more than one "Required' section. Or 2) move the
> dependencies back to 'Optional' with the note.
> We don't need to recommend a dependency, when a few simple words in
> parenthesis can identify to the reader that the dependency is required
> if (whatever reason).
I read that as if you are suggesting that we remove recommended 
dependencies all together. IMO, that would be bad.  For example you 
cited earlier NSS.  If you have sqlite3 installed, and use the built-in 
libsqlite3, the /usr/lib/libsqlite* can get overwritten, breaking 
anything that is already linked against it.  Sqlite is _not_ strictly 
required, however, you are on your own if you deviate.  The instructions 
account for system sqlite by default and must be changed if you ignore 
the recommendation.  Again, however, to be technically correct, sqlite 
is included and is not a required dependency.  Recommended dependencies 
are in place to keep people from shooting themselves in the foot and 
should stay IMO.  Perhaps, we should consult our peers before adding any 
additional 'recommended' dependencies, but they certainly should not go 
completely IMO.

-- DJ Lucas

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