Recommended Dependencies

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Aug 29 07:48:58 PDT 2009

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is a note to the Dev's, and FYI for everyone else. I've noticed
> this more and more lately that y'all are listing dependencies as
> recommended, with no explanation or clue as to why.
> I've mentioned this before in a couple of posts over in -book and
> was ignored. I think it is important that the reader know why we
> think it should be recommended. And for sure *all* devs should know.
> I noticed NSS has sqlite listed as recommended without any text
> explanation.
> I will go through the book today and find all packages that have
> recommended dependencies and evaluate them. If they are not identified
> why it is recommended, I'll reply to this post. This needs to be
> cleaned up, I'll start the process.
Will fix nss in a moment.  Simple addition.

-- DJ Lucas

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