Guy Dalziel krendoshazin at dementedfury.org
Thu Aug 13 07:11:20 PDT 2009

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 11:06:03PM -0000, DJ Lucas wrote:
> Okay...so I'm seeing added dri2proto and updated inputproto, renderproto,
> randrproto, xcb-proto, lib-xcb, libX11, libxrandr, xtrans, libxrender,
> libdrm, Mesa, xorg-server, and a slew of driver updates.  Also, there is
> no *upgrade* path with the removal of xcb-xlib.
> That about cover it?  I miss anything?

As you know I only build a minimal version of Xorg, so I can only tell
you what was required to build it. Comparing my directories from this
build and the 1.5 build I tried recently I can only see the addition of
dri2proto; the rest is pretty standard, so just bump them to whatever the
latest stable version is.

Has #2837 been taken care of? I can't see pixman in the libs wget list,
and it's listed as a dependency of the Xorg server. 
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