option vs parameter

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Wed Aug 5 09:48:33 PDT 2009

Guy Dalziel schrieb:

> I'm not suggesting that we drop both entries, I'm suggesting that we
> change the optional parameters to something more explicitly obvious.
> There will still be required and optional parameters, the optional ones
> would just be rendered differently and in accordance with docbook.

sorry for my misunderstanding.

to see the optional configure-script options in brackets would really be
an idee i support!!

the current visualisation with 'normal' and 'italic' i more than once
just overlooked.

thus: my thumb is up!

maybe even one step further:
required option "parameter" : italic
requested option "<to be defined>" : normal
optional option "option" : [italic]

the new one has no high priority, but would be nice improvement.


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