Couple of things to be on the look out for

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Aug 4 19:38:20 PDT 2009

Guys, just a couple of notes.  If somebody can get to these examples
before I do, go for it, else I'll get them a little later tonight or

Shadow - convert-mans is no longer installed, nor is it needed with newer
man-db.  Look for other places where this command is used in the book.

docbook-sgml-dtd-{3.1,4.5} - package is extracted as build user, but
installed with 'cp -af', this results in files being installed with the
package builder's ownership instead of root, additionally, the date of the
files is not updated which breaks time stamp style of PMs.  I have a
feeling there are other places where -a flag is used with cp command, so
be on the look out, 'install -mxxx' should be preferred.  I'm as guilty as
the next guy, but there is rarely a place where -a is needed.

-- DJ Lucas

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