Ghostscript Nitpicks

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Aug 2 06:23:57 PDT 2009

Hi all,

This is mostly to the devs (Guy), but FYI for anyone else:

1. "If you have JasPer installed on your system and you would like to
use it with GPL Ghostscript, then we must first remove the local copy
and apply a patch:"

Who is "we"? We try not to use this is the book unless it is something
the editors recommend personally. In a technical environment "we" should
be avoided if possible. How about just removing the "then we must first"?

2. "GPL Ghostscript provides many different scripts used to render
PostScript/PDF files back and forth."

This may have been in one of the Ghostscript packages already, but it
sounds funny. Can we substitute something else for "back and forth". I
can't really think of anything offhand right now, as I'm not sure what
it really means.


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