Info on Speex (Or why a Speex development version should be in 6.4)

William Immendorf will.immendorf at
Sun Apr 19 10:00:26 PDT 2009


I have some info on Speex, mainly about why a development version
should be in 6.4. If you want to know why, look it up, but if you
don't know, here is it in short: 1: Upstream higly remomends that
version (please see, that speaks for
itself.), and 2: the more recent development versions introduce a new
libary, libspeexdsp, that contains all the non-codec functions of
Speex. Some packages (including PulseAudio, libspeexdsp is listed as a
requirment on the download page) require it. Also, there is a 3rd
reason: The latest Speex version, 1.2rc1, was released like, a year
ago. That makes it stable enough for use, in my option. Even Debian
Stable (which is known for using very stable versions of software)
uses a development version of Speex.

Just my two cents, and also to give another reason why a Speex
development version should be in 6.4.


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