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Ag. D. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Thu May 29 12:52:42 PDT 2008

Hi Tobias,

On Thu, May 29, at 02:11 Tobias Gasser wrote:

> i don't remember when i wrote a mail this size last time (i'm shure i 
> did). sorry for any misunderstandings as english is not my native language.

Thanks for your time and for your enjoyable follow up.

<Of topic>

> ... i don't really like it, but otherways nobody is 
> interessted in my knowledge as ibm360 assembler programmer today any
> longer


As I started computing very late in my age, just a couple of years before
(and I am forty one), I never had a proper education, so I found some time
during Orthodox Eastern (last month) to read "The Art of ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE
PROGRAMMING" - not all of the chapters of course :) - but it is one of
most interesting and helpful documents; even if you have no interest to 
write even one line of assembly code is one of these must to read books)
it's really exciting to think and talk to the computer language
directly, instead of relying to one of the interpreters or to one of the
I also wrote a vim plugin to assist me to all those conversions :)
If someone is interesting below is the link, as a bonus has an ascii
Table function. :)

Continuing with the assembly talking, it was good to know and a kind of
relief, that we have in the board or around the board :), a man who can
understand this great language.
At the matter of fact, assembly is really needed for a system *completely*
from scratch, in the lowest level; one of the most interesting
projects I can imagine and one of my (possible unfulfilled dreams (though
you never know the future - unfortunately my busy life doesn't allow me
to read and learn)).

</of topic>

On topic.

> >    * why I need a dependency? What is the additional value to the end
> >      product? What are those extra steps and configurations I should
> >      follow?

> to many questions with a logarithmic number of answers.

The problem with the answers are the questions :), I mean if you have the
right questions and you have mastered the subject then the answer it comes
without even thinking about it, just comes naturally.
See your words below, is a proper answer (with a good spell checker
could be better of course, I know I am worst than you) :)

> horde is a grea tool. but toooo many dependencies. i.e. packages to be 
> installed where as most of them i never heared of bevore - disqualified 
> for my needs. my opinion: nice to play arround with on a big/fat distro 
> like readhad, suse or ubuntu, but not for (b)lfs.


> i'm willing to spend time in reach an optimum, but if i can get the 
> second best within half the time i myself really can live with it and 
> even can convince my to customers to live with it too!!

Yes I agree, but you or I, probably doing that, because there isn't a
complete/concrete/maintainable guide/study to follow!
plus an easy way to deploy your/my solution!
Thats is why, (some people) crying :) for years for a package management
tool in LFS.
Isn't package management a proper educational item? It is! And one of the
basic ones in computer technology, because is a repetitive task and the
fathers of Unix taught us that: if you do one job (the same one) for more
than one time, is the time that you have to start to automate it with one
way or another. In fact what is usually a common program? Just a loop.

Package management obeys the spirit and the laws of computing in general
and specifically Unix which personally I tend to follow them blindly,
if I am unsure for one item then history is the answer and there are
plenty of them if we look carefully. 

Again thanks and regards.


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