LFS Future Braindump

Thomas Trepl thomas at equinox.homelinux.org
Tue May 27 23:06:53 PDT 2008

Am Montag, 26. Mai 2008 23:59:30 schrieb Tobias Gasser:
> > The reason Courier was removed from the book was discussed
> > in this forum a long time ago. We had no choice as the
> > instructions in BLFS did not work (very broken as package
> > requirements and methods changed) with newer Courier versions.
It seems so that this is a bit of time ago and the situation may have changed 
in the meanwhile. On the other side, it is quite neccessary that we do not 
add packages to the book which than got rapidly unmaintained (the books 
> i'm running a mailserver here since about 18 month, including virtual
> domains.
> courier-authlib 0.58
> cyrus-sasl 2.1.21
> courier-imap 4.1.1
> postfix 2.3.3
So there is no courier mta. You (as me as well) are using postfix as mta.

> if there is anybody interested in a hint, i'd write it...
I have a quite similar setup. I selected courier because i found that this is 
one which can handle virtual users without the overkill of having a database 
or a LDAP server running for my three users. Maybe it is possible with others 
too.  I hacked such a hint together after that setup was running stable... 
(if you are interested you may have a view at 
http://equinox.homelinux.org/cms/node/2 ) If there is something in you may 
find helpful, just use it.

Or we may extend the book in adding courier-{authlib,imapd} to the mail server 
section. Than we have all of the packages in the book we need to setup a well 
functional mail system. Adding some other perl modules and postgrey, 
spamassassin, squirrelmail and so on would make the installation complete. 
But here i think is the problem: This mail setup alone could fill up a book 
because in that complexity it is not enough to simply show the build 
instructions. They are almost the same as usual. But the real challenge is 
the configuration of them (and maybe even some additional scripting) to make 
the world go round. And, the configuration can only be as good as it is 
described. I think that is basically what Robert has brought up initially.

I think we need a good balance of reinventing the wheel when describing a 
package and its configuration on the one side and focus on the build 
instructions on the other side. 


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